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The difference between love and lust is infatuation.

Why label desire?

Posted on 09/03/2021

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The difference between love and lust is infatuation.

What I am on about.

A while back I was talking to a female friend of mine. She told me that something was troubling her. I asked her what it was and this is what she told me: She had met a girl and found that girl to be sexually appealing. She wanted to sleep with her but she wasn’t sure where that desire put her on the sexuality spectrum. I asked her a couple questions to put her mind at ease. I asked her if she could ever imagine being in love with that girl. She answered that question in the negative. Then I asked her whether she wanted to enjoy that girl’s body and have that girl do the same for her. This she answered with a resounding YES!. I had had this conversation with a couple of people already and they all answered these questions the same way my female friend did. This is when I realized what the problem was and why she was unsure about her sexuality.


Society keeps on telling you that if you want to fuck your own sex, that makes you a homosexual. Yes, society is right. If you want to fuck your own sex, you are a homosexual. But what society takes for granted is that if you want to sleep with your sex, this doesn’t automatically mean that you want to also feel love for that sex. Where am I going with this? Read on.


With the LGBTQXYZ community (Yes, XYZ community because they are annoying.) becoming ever more vocal and shoving their “oppression” down everyone’s throat, people have lost sight of one crucial thing. You cannot label anyone with any one name because that person’s personality regarding a certain area of life has fine nuances that cannot be ignored and put under one “parent term”. So, you can feel lust for own sex but have a total aversion to actually doing “cute couple things” with your own sex. A clear difference needs to be made between whom a person desires and wants to build a solid relationship with and whom a person wants to fuck. We need to make a clear distinction in this way and not place them into categories. Period.


So, to my female friend: Go get her number and make that girl scream!

Final words

I am sorry this post is a bit shorter, but I have multiple friends who find themselves confronted with this weird question. I wanted to write this for myself, for my friends, and for anyone else who might be going through a similar “bind”. I hope you enjoyed this post. Get ready, I am announcing something big next week!