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Hundred to Zero BPM

Posted on 04/12/2020

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I quit.

I let some of you vote, what I should write about next. The majority of you wanted me to talk about what’s on my mind. I am going to be open with you. There have been many things on my mind. These are things I will not reveal because as Aristotle said, a man’s mind is his strongest fortification. I am currently going through something, considering many things and perspectives on these things and will therefore not be posting for a while. My planned timeout is two weeks. If it takes longer, I will let y’all know on my Instagram. Also, I put in quite a lot of work into building this blog, so I would like to receive some feedback and want you, my readers to text me, DM me and tell me your thoughts. My blog is a space for you to be you. I do not judge and I am here for you. So…that being said….