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Keeping it real, a special post

Posted on 13/11/2020

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Why this post?

After I posted my last post about love, sex and infatuation, some of you asked me what I should write about. I gave you a choice of either a) how to be at peace with yourself or b) a second part to that post with some general dating advice. I’ve decided I am going to give you neither of those this week and instead get level with ya. So, basically I will be trying to keep it real as that is what this blog is about anyway. Also, I have been deeply affected by the events of the past two weeks and would therefore like to share my thoughts about these things as well.

Terror and Covid-19

What with the terror attack this past Monday in my hometown of Vienna and the second lockdown starting only 6 hours later, I’ve had a lot to think about.

About the lockdown: I understand that you might crave human interaction now, more than ever. And you are DOING NOTHING WRONG by feeling like this. This lockdown is against any human instinct and should be judged sharply by a population that has to endure this idiocy by an incompetent government. And now that this is the case you should not despair but try and re-evaluate who you are and take some time off from everything. I am aware that some of you might have some duties but this is a golden opportunity for you to get away from the hectic life we are plunged into what with social media and all that and friends and family showering us with duties, expectations and other things. Take some time off, think about who you want to be and what it is you seek. Do that, you deserve it and you will emerge stronger, more confident and wiser from all this. Hope this helps.

About the terror attack: If you were directly involved in this, I feel sorry for you and understand why and how you were traumatized. Having had my fair share of experiences in the underworld of this city, I can relate to how you feel. But think of this: Instead of letting yourself be filled with hatred, disgust and contempt, we should ask why terror attacks these days are mostly perpetrated by an extremist Islamic group. Islam is not a violent religion. However, the wars the West has fought and won against a weaker enemy for geopolitical gain has left the population of many of these countries devastated and traumatized. And this has been going on since the Iraq war when the Middle-East was destabilized. A power vacuum ensued and multiple angry people got together to take revenge on those who destroyed their lives, us, the West. So, instead of holding some Islamic terror cell responsible you should hold our governments responsible. They had the power to put and end to these mindless slaughters and this uneccessary loss of human life. It is their bad decisions that cost four people their lives on Monday, the day of the attack. Thinking further, we should look towards finding a constructive solution to these issues and not seek violence as an answer. What I am trying to say is that we are all humans and should act as one instead of letting ourselves getting caught up in banal modalities of ideology and beliefsystems. At the end of the day we are all the same and all want the same thing. Safety, security, empathy among all of us.

Keeping it real

This brings me to my next point, keeping it real: In the post about love, sex and infatuation I mentioned many situations which are in fact based on personal experience and in which I was usually party A. Through all this bullshit I learned a couple things, which are not only relevant now but relevant and matter most, now. I think as connected people we get way to caught up in what other people will think about us and what image we should project. I do understand that while we are given the tools to mould and shape the perception others have of us, it doesn’t mean we should make use of these tools, because at the end of the day, if the product is free, you are the product. I am looking at you, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple and Microsoft. With so much hostility, negativity and judgement of each and every one of our fellow human beings, we should transcend the barrier of self-consciousness and instead appreciate the people in our lives instead of projecting an image that we are not. In effect this means, care fully, love fully and be kind, regardless of the current situation or context. If you can do this, not only have you reached a dangerous level of independence, you have also become a wise person in the process. So if you have a crush someone, go tell them! If you have a friend whom you cherish, go tell them! If you have a family, go and hug them! Because at the end of the day, the people who love and cherish you, are the only people that matter. (I realize this sounds like cliché-city but that is the truth of the matter.)

His Majesty out

As I mentioned in one of the previous posts, this blog is a space for you where you can talk to somebody who will not judge your or talk badly about you. This morale of kindness and generosity is something I truly believe in and would like to spread as much as possible, hence this post. I always get quite rattled when I hear about human beings suffering, regardless of the situation, hence my thoughtfulness about these things. I do not wish anybody anything bad or want to topple any system or anything, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there today and I will move to some more exciting content next week. I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish all of you a nice evening. If you want to reach out, you always can. My socials are available from the site menu. :)