The Black Mansion

The difference between love and lust is infatuation.

Love of the Soul

Posted on 10/09/2021

21 min. read

The moonlight was dancing on her eyes.

Two loving souls can flourish on each other but also cause each other to wither away.

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Death on the Beach

Posted on 27/08/2021

17 min. read

This was the last time she would swim. She loved Chloe.

How an angel broke its wings.

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Posted on 13/08/2021

17 min. read

She was instantly hooked on Mia.

The mysterious girl from the white mansion.

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Why label desire?

Posted on 09/03/2021

3 min. read

The difference between love and lust is infatuation.

Differentiate between lust and love

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Posted on 15/01/2021

7 min. read

And there was that aesthetic again.

Rebecca, a gem of a novel!

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Hundred to Zero BPM

Posted on 04/12/2020

1 min. read

I quit.

Why I need a break...

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Emotional pain...

Posted on 27/11/2020

8 min. read

A shot in the heart.

We all know how emotional pain feels.

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How to be at peace.

Posted on 20/11/2020

10 min. read

He who is at peace, will find love from others.

How to be at peace with yourself.

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Keeping it real, a special post

Posted on 13/11/2020

7 min. read


Cherish what you have now.

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The Ghost Scorpion

Posted on 29/10/2020

10 min. read

The dead come back for a reason.

U-136, when the dead return.

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Love, Sex and Infatuation

Posted on 21/10/2020

14 min. read

Beauty in a retro aesthetic!

Complications of love, sex, dating.

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Posted on 10/03/2020

2 min. read

The beginning

A greeting to all of you!

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