The Black Mansion

Rules are made to be broken. 😈


Posted on 03/12/2021

6 min. read

Memories were all that was left now.

A story of reflection, disappointment, and permanent peace.

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Posted on 05/11/2021

5 min. read

She was happy but thoughtful.

Reflections on live, love, and human nature.

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Inspiration through loss

Posted on 08/10/2021

5 min. read

Remember that time you took my hand.

How a lonely writer found inspiration in her lost girlfriend.

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A journey through human nature

Posted on 24/09/2021

8 min. read

The traffic seemed to flow around her.

A journey through human nature. The worst and the best.

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Love of the Soul

Posted on 10/09/2021

21 min. read

The moonlight was dancing on her eyes.

Two loving souls can flourish on each other but also cause each other to wither away.

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Death on the Beach

Posted on 27/08/2021

17 min. read

This was the last time she would swim. She loved Chloe.

How an angel broke its wings.

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Posted on 13/08/2021

17 min. read

She was instantly hooked on Mia.

The mysterious girl from the white mansion.

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The Ghost Scorpion

Posted on 30/07/2020

10 min. read

The dead come back for a reason.

U-136, when the dead return.

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